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Mission: Young Urban Leaders trains and prepares young adults to be leaders in their community.


Description: YUL hosts a series of classes, trips, and events for young adults to acquire the skills and tools to be leaders. We are accepting applications for our new fellowship starting in October 2015. 

History as told by founder Sean M. Brown

One day in a meeting, a local non profit leader asked me“What do you want to do?”. I named many things that I wanted to do professionally - voter registration, college assistance, helping people run for office...the list went on. She told me that my list was too long. She was right.

A few weeks later, I thought about the most valuable asset missing from my community: a new generation of effective leaders. If I could learn from wise and successful people, and then use those lessons to lift my community and become a leader with knowledge, common sense, street skills, and most importantly love, then I could be a part of the solution. But I knew from words that many whispered to me after meetings, I could not do it alone. On July 8, 2009, I brought together the smartest local young people I knew for the first Young Urban Leaders meeting.

Since then, we have cleaned the streets of Camden, took a tour of the United States capital, donated time and money to various local charities, and listened to some of the most powerful people in South Jersey including the mayor of Camden. So far, our group includes a nurse that educates young new pregnant mothers, a financial consultant, a guidance counselor, a program developer, a school board member, Girl Scout leader, a gospel artist, and a drug counselor.

Since our founding, Young Urban Leaders have walked the walk. We have been on the streets, and took steps on the staircase to progress, but we know that there are many more steps to take. 

In 2015, I took the steps to take the organization to the next level. After being accepted into New Leaders Council, I learned the value of a solid accepted group. The next few years of YUL will focus on leadership development. The long term plan includes opening up chapters around the country. 




Sean M. Brown, Founder & Director